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We consider Sports Massage of Dixie one of the leading centers for sports massage therapy education in the four-corners area.  As part of that, we offer several seminars throughout the year and host courses from other groups that we respect and have learned from ourselves.  We’ve had attendees travel internationally as well as from all over the country to learn from us.


Sports Massage of Dixie offers Performance Massage Therapy internships. Our internships are currently 10 weeks long and offer participants an opportunity to work alongside our team to learn and practice our systems.  Our internships follow a detailed curriculum to assure an amazing learning experience. Students with a current active licence to practice Massage Therapy will spend time working one-on-one with clients and mentoring with our renowned team of sports therapy experts.


For those looking to significantly advance their skills, career, and business, Sports Massage of Dixie is currently developing a Performance Mentorship program that will provide participants with advanced knowledge of our rehabilitation, fitness, sports performance, and business systems. The mentorship program will be limited to a select group of people that are looking for advanced mentoring from our expert team using our proven system.

Hear what other licenced massage therapists have to say about our work

As a licensed massage therapist myself I was very pleased with Paul’s skills and professionalism. I highly recommend him and will definitely be returning for more treatments. He focused on the areas that concerned me and was able to assess where the root of the problem was.

Mary Ann H., April 2017

My SI joints and shoulder joints were very sore the next 2 days.

Camie A., MArch 2017

Paul’s knowledge and understanding are definitely in the “expert”category! I referred someone to him today.

Shanda E., June 2016

Thank you for the great work!

Arleesa P., March 2016

I had my first appt. with Paul Dunsdon a couple days ago and I was pleasantly surprised. As a licensed massage therapist in another state, with years of training I rarely find such quality work, or devotion to the trade. His professionalism was only surpassed by his integrity and true devotion to profession in the belief “the body is able to heal itself given the proper proponents”. I am very thankful to have found him, His work was specific, customized to my injury and healing my body.

Marleen A, March 2015