Corrective exercise training should be used buy individuals who have muscle imbalances or who are prone to injury. It prepares you to enter into a more traditional form of exercise safely.

Corrective exercise fills the gap between injury recovery and returning to play. In most cases physical therapy is an effective tool but sometimes after an injury or surgery, you may feel like there is still work to be done before you are fully recovered. That’s where we come in. Using proven methods of late stage rehabilitation we have the education and skill to identify where you still need the strength and conditioning. You will gain full function potential with proper biomechanical balance. Often times it takes just a few weeks to get you to a level where you can safely return to play and begin your normal training schedule.


Is a proven system of training that uses many of the same corrective exercise strategies found in professional sports and reconditioning programs to help improve muscle imbalance and movement capabilities. It will help decrease the risk of re-injury as you work towards returning to play.

Cumulative Injury Cycle

“Are you not moving well because you’re in pain, or are you in pain because you’re not moving well?”
-Gray Cook

Functional Movement

Before you ever learned to walk you had to learn to crawl. That’s what corrective exercise is for your body. Injury free fitness starts with correct movement. Correct movement is created through biomechanically balanced structures that are conditioned to stabilise and endure the work required.

I had a total knee replacement done several years ago. Needless to say I have experienced a great deal of discomfort and limited use of such leg since. I had gone through all the recommended physical therapy by the doctor who placed such along with weekly having a physical massage therapist from the Summit Health Club attempt to help me. It was not until I met paul dunsdon and had his expertize and recommendations for assistance did I begin to have more confidence in a resolve of my ltd use.

Curtis Rider, Sept 2013

I have used Paul for several months. He has helped me not only after a back fusion but after an auto accident. After the back fusion, within a matter of three sessions I was not only walking pain free but enjoying walking and being outdoors again. I have just seen him this evening after an auto accident a couple of weeks ago. I got off of the table easily and walked out with no pain. A spa this is not. A serious place for people to go that need help and an incredible massage this is.

Eric H., March 2017

Before you start a new fitness program, before you take that group class that might be a little advanced for you why not take the time to prepare your body for the work to come and keep your body injury free.

Personal fitness is important to you, injury is not. Keep the pain away  by building a foundation of proper movement and you will find that not only are you less prone to injury but you become mechanically advantaged to handle the workload. You will perform better overall when you set yourself up for success.