Your training takes its toll on your body. Authentic sports massage is the check and balance to keep your system working at its best so you maximize your potential and reduce the risk of injury

More than just a basic massage with some stretching thrown in. An authentic sports massage will have a dramatic impact on your training and overall performance. Based on the laws of physiology it works with your natural movement to unlock forgotten and underutilized action potential. As humans we are naturally asymmetrical, meaning one side dominant. And while you can work to build symmetry as in the case of a bodybuilder who endeavors to have the right side match the left, that may take years of conditioning and focused intent. But, there is no reason for your left side to not move as well as your right or vice versa, because that’s where you might be losing that action potential. Sports massage identifies this imbalance and through regular and consistent application keeps you biomechanically balanced and at peak form. Used by every professional sports organization the science has proven itself time and again. So whether alone or as part of the integrated performance development model-

Sports massage may be the difference you are looking for in your training

Performance Recovery Rehabilitation

Sports Massage for performance is one of the most effective ways for you to reach your goals and minimise your risk of injury

Pre Event

In the days leading up to an event or competition, it is highly recommended that you use a systematic approach to dynamic warm-ups and that you foam roll regularly. And while we agree with and advocate for the proper use of both, it is more of a broadsword approach to your success as compared to the detailed focused intent of true sports massage. In the final steps of your preparation, a last once-over by skilled hands that are familiar with you and how you perform will set you up for greater success and prepare you for what is to come. Using pre-event sports massage maximizes your potential while you focus on getting your head in the game.

Post Event

Recovery begins the moment the last whistle blows or you cross the finish line. In professional sports the locker room is a whirlwind of activity as coaches, physicians, trainers and therapists alike ready themselves for the onslaught of aches and pains. You are no different, training is hard, competition is hard and regardless of whether you left it all on the field or not, you will need to get back to it as soon as you can. With post-event you will be able to recover faster while you reduce your risk to injury, muscle imbalance and over training.

After years of various massage experiences, my eyes have been opened to the field of Sports Massage and credit is due to Paul Dunsdon. I was in town visiting friends and so benefited from my 1 hour session with Paul that I will be seeking out sports massage in my area. After a quick initial assessment, he knew exactly where the issues in my back and shoulder were and worked on those issues instead of applying a “cookie cutter massage” pattern as I have experienced in the past. He also explained what he was doing and why – something my science brain appreciates. This was the perfect massage for my problem areas and I cannot recommend him enough.

Stacy A. , July 2016

Paul was professional, engaged, and educated me on specific needs I had. While I have had massages in the past, Paul knew exactly how to customize based on information I had provided. Recently I started training for an OCR, Paul took the time to educate me on muscles that are showing resistance and what was needed to work those muscles to their full potential. He answered all my questions without hesitation in a clear concise manner. I will definitely be scheduling another appointment.

Rachel P. , Jan 2016

SPORTS MASSAGE: A key part of injury prevention, performance & recovery

Adding authentic sports massage to your routine will help you play harder, perform better and recover faster. Maximise your action potential with regular and consistent sports massage.