We offer a comprehensive training systems based on scientific, evidence-based research. Taking the guesswork out of program design to help you achieve consistent and remarkable results…

  • Improved cardiorespiratory efficiency
  • Enhanced hormone and cholesterol adaptations
  • Increased metabolic efficiency
  • Increased bone density
  • Decreased body fat
  • Increased lean body mass
  • Increased tensile strength of the tendons, ligaments and muscle
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Balance


Incorporating the time tested and proven forms of performance development as part of a progressive system.

Reach your goals quickly and safely with less risk of injury through  a personalised and planned, systematic, periodized training program. Designed to concurrently improve all functional abilities, such as flexibility, core stabilization, balance, strength, power, and cardiorespiratory endurance.

Optimal Performance Development

Consisting of 3 stages and 5 phases we’re building stronger faster more balanced athletes through a comprehensive integrated process. At every level of your performance development we will help you to reach high levels of functional strength and neuromuscular efficiency. Our training program design is complete with flexibility, core, balance, plyometric, speed/agility/quickness, resistance, sports specific and cardiorespiratory development.

Each program is uniquely designed for your needs and goals. Complete with timelines and anticipated outcomes.

  • Improve muscular endurance
  • Enhance joint stability
  • Increase flexibility
  • Enhance control of posture
  • Improve neuromuscular efficiancy
  • Improve stabilization endurance
  • Increase prime mover strength
  • Enhance joint stabilisation
  • Increase lean body mass
  • Reach optimal levels of hypertrophy
  • Increase motor unit recruitment
  • Improve peak force
  • Enhance neuromuscular efficiency
  • Enhance prime mover strength
  • Increase rate of force production

Knowledgeable and thorough! Walk me through his technique and kept me informed about expected results. I would recommend him to anyone who has an active lifestyle.

Emeka O., April 2017

I appreciate that Paul understands my limitations and always helps me understand what my body is going through.

Brian S., Jan 2016

Optimal performance development that is based in the integrated performance model is the industry leader in method and application for professional sports. 

Now you have access to the science that keeps the pros at their peak. This isn’t personal training. This isn’t bro-science. This is individualised performance development. 1-on-1 program design centered around your needs and built to exceed your expectations.